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Mobile and broadband in Spain with the best price

Combine mobile and broadband with the Canguro Máximo Ahorro plan 

mobile (main line):

– 150 minutes of Spanish national calls
– 1 GB at max. speed

mobile (additional line)*:

– 1 c./min (VAT included)
– 500 MB at max. speed

home broadband & landline calls

– Free installation
– Unlimited calls to Spanish landlines
– 1.000 mins of calls to Spanish mobiles 24h/day
– 300 mins of calls to UK landlines
– Includes line rental fee

41,95 €

(VAT included)

* Special promotion for new customers, portabilities and changes from pay as you go: additional mobile line included in Canguro for 0 € for the first 12 months, after 6,95 €/month (VAT included).

Do you want one of the best broadband connections in Spain?

The type and speed of broadband available to you depends upon your exact location in Spain.

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Please send us your full address and/or existing landline number and we will test coverage for you.